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We are Adam and Ben, committed club runners and racers first and foremost.


Ben is a lifelong runner, starting his apprenticeship in the sport at secondary school and representing the South West at Cross Country, it's fair to say Ben is a bit of a marathon specialist but is equally handy off-road, Adam came into running in later life from a mountain biking/cycling background, turning his hand to trail runner and later ultras before before being drawn into the marathon game by Ben.

Manchester Marathon, Ben Renshaw and Adam Slater


Adam (left) and Ben (right) at Manchester Marathon 2021

Adam's notable achievements:

  • 2021 Manchester marathon - 2:48:54

  • GB Ultras Snowdon 50 - 8th

  • Wychavon Way Ultra - 3rd

  • Adidas Terrex 50k/Keswick Mountain Festival - 13th

Ben's notable achievements:

  • 2020 Dorset Half Marathon Champion

  • 2021 London Marathon - 2:29:52

  • 12th in the Abbott Marathon Majors Age Group World Championship 2021

  • 2021 Wimborne 10 - 53:58


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