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OUR 2022/23 MEDALS!

Do medals matter? For some it's all about the bling, for others they go in a drawer and are never seen again.


For us medals are a LARGE financial commitment but we are hoping to entice newer runners along to their first trail/fell races as much as cater for the seasoned club runner. Thus for the moment, medals are here to stay! In order to keep entry costs low AND offer a high quality 80mm Running Imp medal, the medals for The CapTEN and Bosun are shared, but we have 4 ribbon colours to choose from, so you needn't collect the same medal twice!


(PLEASE NOTE - CapTEN deferrals from 2021 will be given a 2021 medal as these were accounted for separately)

Medals for The CapTEN and Bosun fell run


The CapTEN and Bosun medals  (copyright Any Day 2022)

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