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Ben (pictured below in the red headband) lost out to 2020 CapTEN winner Christian Green of Wells City Harriers for the win BUT looks to be in the best form of us life for London this year.

Ben at Weymouth Half Marathon

In Ben's words:

"Marathon season is here again and it's been a wobbly start to my training this year following the usual winter bugs! The last 5 weeks of consistency and adopting an 80/20 style training plan are really paying off though, both Adam and I are getting out rain or shine!

Dialling nutrition also plays a major role and dialing in my nutrition takes awhile BUT I'm hitting a sweet spot at the moment!

The Weymouth Half had to be done, I needed to draw a line in the sand to see how things were going, the only way to do this is to toe the line. I was super nervous racing again as it's been a while, I even dreamt I missed the start! The plan for me was 5:43 min/mile pace to simulate a 2:30 marathon as I'd already run a 70 mile week.

I can't help it though, bloody race head comes in and before I knew it it was game on, let's go. Luckily I was running with a great group of guys and it was a privilege to be up there with them, everyone doing their best and pushing each other on.

With a mile to go I gave it another push to take second behind Christian Green who I knew as the winner of our race, The CapTEN. Time on the watch was 1.11.59 but it looks like chip time was 1:12:00 and gun time 1:12:03! I'm pleased with that though, I reckon it's game on to grab another sub 2:30 at London..."

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