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Runners relaxing after the race (copyright Adam Slater 2022)

It's done, another CapTEN and another course revision in an attempt to make this a challenging race for those that enter!

What a relief, a week of hard rain and the chance that the car park in Seatown would be largely unusable, thoughts of contingency plans and last minute relocations to Langdon and then... appearing on the 5 day forecast... a few days of clear weather falling over race weekend! A course check on Saturday saw the car park drying along with the course which allayed fears for the Sunday. It was on and the ground underfoot gave more traction than it had over the dry and dusty summer months!

We'd like to thank Egdon and Poole clubs specifically for choosing to make The CapTEN club championship races in 2022. But a fantastic turnout saw runners from Axe Valley, RIOT, Chard, Plymouth, Exeter, Bridport etc all towing the line at the start.

10.5 miles and 2,600ft of climbing later and the results were as follows:

MALE 1st 1:24:19.8 Adam Kidson Exeter Harriers 2nd 1:24:22.4 Andrew Snook Axe Valley Runners 3rd 1:25:13.7 Cameron Groves Yeovil Town RRC

FEMALE 1st 1:38:34.6 Becky Tovey Chard RRC 2nd 1:43:31.1 Virginie Morris Dorchester Riot 3rd 1:48:24.8 Naomi Shaw South West Road Runners

OUR VET CLASS (60+) FEMALE 1:50:27.6 Eleanor Wood Axe Valley Runners MALE 2:10:47.1 Stephen King Tiverton Harriers

A huge thank you to everyone that has run one of our races this year, to every club that has turned up in force and to those that have given up their time to marshal or sweep our runs.

All we wanted this year was happy runners, ultimately placing and times are irrelevant if you did not enjoy the races, the fact that runners hung about at the finish line was the camaraderie we dreamt of.

Just as importantly, we cannot thank enough RUN VENTURE, WEST DORSET LEISURE HOLIDAYS, SAM ROSE PHOTOGRAPHY, THE FRA AND NATIONAL TRUST for their generous support with prizes, land access and licensing. Without them the CapTEN and Bosun could not exist in their current format or location. We urge you to support these companies and organisations where you can, as they are supporting the running you love, all of our supporters are linked in our FRIENDS PAGE OF THE WEBSITE.

Dates for next year will follow in the coming months, for now thank you all again.

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