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So we did it, we managed to coordinate time off work and make it to the inaugural 32Run summer Lakes Camp!

5 days, 68 miles and over 16,000ft of climbing, it was an adventure.

For those that want an overview of where we went and what you could look forward to next year, here was the itinerary:

DAY 1 - A short run after a long motorway drive, featuring a bit of fun scrambling over Striding and Swirral Edges.

Glenridding - Striding Edge - Helvellyn - Swirral Edge - Catsty Cam - Glenridding

8 Miles | 3,000ft - DOWNLOAD GPX FILE

Day 2 - A jaunt up to Keswick for a bit of retail therapy and some flatter faster running round Derwentwater on the Keswick Mountain Festival 25k course. It seemed rude not to start the run from the famous Moot Hall (of Bob Graham Round fame).

Keswick - Castlerigg - Watendlath - Rosthwaite - Grange - Manesty Park - Keswick

18.5 Miles | 2,400ft - DOWNLOAD GPX FILE

Day 3 - The planned big day out! Wanting to do something more 'epic' we had the Scafell Sky Race course on our minds, however the weather was not playing ball and visibility was hit and miss over 2,000ft, sometimes you had it, sometimes you didn't! The name of the game is getting back in one piece and reassessing your plans as necessary, so upon reaching Green Gable and not being able to see neighbouring Great Gable, we took the safe route home via Angle Tarn, only cutting the run short by a few miles but also 4,000ft in elevation!

Langdale - Pavey Ark - High Raise - Borrowdale - Green Gable - Esk Hause - Rossett Pike - Langdale

18.25 Miles | 5,750ft - DOWNLOAD GPX FILE

Day 4 - Recovery run into Kendal from our accomodation at Endmoor, fish & chips and Pete Bland...

Endmoor - Kendal - Endmoor

9 Miles | 500ft

Day 5 - What to do before facing a long drive home? Parking up in Ambleside, running the Fairfield Horseshoe and grabbing lunch before the drive seemed like a plan. The Fairfield Horseshoe is a Lakes classic as you run it from the town centre, clockwise always seems to be the direction of choice for some reason! Getting distracted by the views from the top of Fairfield we also added an excursion to St Sunday Crag and back for some bonus miles and elevation!

Ambleside - Fairfield Horseshoe - St Sunday Crag - Fairfield Horseshoe - Ambleside

14.5 Miles | 4,500ft - DOWNLOAD GPX FILE (excluding St Sunday Crag extension)

We really hope some of you can join us next year!

32RUN lakes trip 2022 (copyright Adam Slater)

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