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If you have the support of a good running club or run with those with similar goals then you're all set for a fantastic future in running. But what about the person that dreams of running the London Marathon or lone runner that aspires to complete their first 50k ultra?

We can help with that, between us we've run cross country leagues, trail and road races, marathons and ultras, we're partial to our running gear and can keep you on the path to completing your goals.

Put simply EVERYONE needs reassurance. The night before Ben ran 2:29:19 at London 2021 even he was reaching out for reassurance on pacing and strategy, he NEEDED to hear confirmation that he could achieve his goals, EVERYONE needs someone to reach out to.

MENTORING | If you would like to have someone at the end of an email or WhatsApp group to answer your running related queries or to guide you towards completing your goal race/event then get in touch.

Priced from £10.00 per month dependant on level of mentoring required, with no minimum term, please just reach out to us to discuss your needs and to see whether we can be of help to you.

TRAINING PLANS | We can assess where you are with your running over a coffee, work out where you want to be for your goal race and what you may need to change to get you moving towards those goals. No training plan is suitable for ALL runners, we'll listen to you and then give you the tools you need to progress your running to the next step.

Priced from £25.00 for a one off plan or consider an 'evolving' training plan based on your weekly feedback to us.

With 40 years of combined running experience, give us a try!

"Thank you again.. Plan is set...."

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