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Is a race organiser ever happy with their route?

For 2022 we have changed The CapTEN course... AGAIN!

The CapTEN can trace its roots to a Round Table event at Bridport Leisure Centre and later to Bridports Runners Jurassic Coast runs from West Bay.

As a result The CapTEN kept the Eastern portion of these routes, taking in both West Cliff at West Bay and Highlands End holiday park. This route resulted in a few unwanted pinch points and 3 crossings of the busy Eype road, we thought we should try something new...

For 2022 we have eliminated the climb of West Cliff, the course now running down to Eype as before BUT now returning straight over Thorncombe Beacon and running 4 miles of the South West Coast Path to St Gabriels. The root now featuring many more overtaking opportunities, better scenery and the delights of Chardown Hill, dare we say it may now be a little harder?

GPX file and route PDF downloads can be found on the main CapTEN page.

The 2022 CapTEN course

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